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Product Description
X316 Meta Aramid Paper possesses the outstanding characters of high temperature resistance, dialectical strength, mechanical strength and flame retardant. The product has passed the American UL 94 flame retardant certification.
Product Deatures
X316 Meta Aramid Paper provides the high temperature protection and provides protection from tearing and mechanical damage for the composite materials.
Wide thickness range of Composite materials made from X-FIPER aramid paper, which possess the characters of high temperature resistance, anti-electrical breakdown, abrasion resistance, flexibility and easy for processing and shaping.
Typical Application
X316 is applicable to the composite materials, and used for flexible laminates materials, which are made of polyester or polyimide film, widely used in class F and H transformers and other motor equipments, and already used in the 220℃ high temperature insulator.

Product description
X630 Meta Aramid Paper passes the UL 94 flame retardant certification and the thickness of the product is 2 mil, 3mil, and 5mil. More products with different thickness are coming to serve the electric power industry.
Product features
Outstanding electrical insulation, the mechanical protection from punching, tearing and wearing, good varnish compatibility, excellent moisture resistance and good heat conductivity, and outstanding heat stability.
  X 611

Product description
X611 aramid paper is uncalendered and the precursor of X630 Meta Aramid Paper It is available in the thickness ranging from 0.13 to 0.58mm with the density of 0.3 and the correspondingly lower electrical and mechanical properties.
Product features
X611 offers the excellent impregnability and penetration, and provides the electric equipment with the good inter-turn and interlayer insulation.